Events / Meetings

Thu 26 Jan
09:30-12:00 | Videolink (Orkideen/M7)
Institutforum - Food
Tue 23 May
10:00-12:00 | Årslev (Orkideen)
LAMU-møde - Food
Tue 23 May
12:30-16:00 | Årslev (Orkideen)
LSU-møde - Food
Wed 24 May
09:00-12:00 | Videolink (Orkideen/M7)
Ledergruppemøde - FOOD
Tue 30 May
08:30-10:00 | Videolink (Orkideen/M7)
Infrastrukturudvalgsmøde - FOOD
Wed 31 May
10:00-12:30 | Orkidéen, AU Aarslev
Margita Hefner mid-term seminar
Margita Hefner - Qualifying exam: Plant-soil interactions in reduced-tilled organic vegetable systems – nitrogen dynamics and root growth
Thu 01 Jun
10:00-14:00 | Foulum (M7)
PhD programkomitémøde - Food
Tue 06 Jun
09:30-11:00 | Videolink (Rønnebærret/M7)
Uddannelsesudvalgsmøde - Food


2017.05.22 | Food

DESIGN THINKING for FOOD staff and students

Would you like to translate your scientific discoveries and knowledge towards real-world challenges? Do you want to see if “innovation” is something that you can do? A series of 2 x 2 workshops on “Design Thinking” within the topic:‘The future of convenience food’is being offered at AU-FOOD Foulum on 12 & 13 June 2017 and Aarslev on 31 October…

2017.05.22 | Food

Protection of AU IT network

As you may know, there has been a major attack with malware known as ransomware last weekend. More than 300,000 machines were infected with a Ransomware Worm that was spread through a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows. Fortunately, a method to stop the attack was found relatively quickly, because the malware had a built-in stop button. However,…

2017.04.06 | Food

Collaboration between AU and JB Equity

DCA have been discussing with JB Equity for some time about a possible collaboration, to provide alternative funding options for the maturation of existing research results and technologies. This discussion has now been finalized into an agreement between AU and JB Equity.See also this ST-news In 2016, AU-FOOD provided some ideas / input on…

2017.04.06 | Food

Changes to library services at ST

The number of Science and Technology’s library service locations will be reduced from four to two when the Navitas and Foulum libraries close

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