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Employee in FOOD/New employees

Useful information when you are employed in Department of Food Science:

The below information is listed alphabetically:

Assistance from your colleagues:

Calendar and e-mail:

If you are absent or in meetings you must register in Outlook. All absenteeism must be registered with a code to make it visible for the main reception in Foulum. (codes for typing in Outlook calendar) Remember to register holiday and other absenteeism as “not in” or “busy”.

  •  Instructions for booking system in Outlook
  • Guide to use mail when working from home
  • Form regarding holiday transfer
  • Outlook tips and tricks

Contact list:

The lists are found in the office with Lilian Hosbond (Foulum) or Margit Rosenlund Hansen (Aarslev). Please contact the secretaries for assistance.


Computer glasses and work wear:

Rules regarding computer glasses and work wear and application for computer glasses can be found here

The application must be handed in to Margit in Aarslev or Lilian in Foulum. Work wear is ordered according to agreement with Susan Johansen in Aarslev (41261357,

Company cars:

It is possible to use company cars in Aarslev and in Foulum. In Aarslev you book the cars through your Outlook calendar or by contacting Camilla Fjord or Tina Magaard. In Foulum they are books in Pronestor.

REMEMBER to write project number in Outlook when you book the car, and also remember to write it in the logbook. To drive a company car requires a valid EU driver’s license.

  • Guidelines on the use of the company cars

Guest House:
In Aarslev we have a guest house with 6 rooms, a shared kitchen and bath. Rental costs are 100 DKK / day. Rooms may be booked as a single room or a double room (same gender) dependent on demand. Please contact Camilla Fjord ( or Tina Møllegaard ( to arrange booking.
In Foulum we have 20 rooms/apartments in 3 different sizes. For further information


Planned Holiday must be registered in your Outlook calendar and informed to closest colleague.

Maternity leave:
Rules regarding maternity leave and applications are to be found here

Behavior Guideline for public employees
Instructions regarding hazardous goods



Your publications must be registered in PURE and to do so you must send your publications to Tina Magaard ( or Tove Nielsen (


If you need help, you can find user manuals, FAQs and support contact information at 
If you are out of range of the AU net (e.g. at a hotel). In case of this, please log on through this link:  


Staff association: 
Chairman of the staff association in Aarslev is Dianne Solvang.

Membership fee is 25 DKK/month. It may be deducted your salary or you can pay directly to Dianne Solvang. In Aarslev is also a staff fitness center. Price for using the fitness center is:

  • 12 months: 400 DKK
  • 6 months: 250 DKK
  • 1 month: 50 DKK
  • 1 training : 25 DKK (payed in the box located in the gym) 

Contact person for the staff association in Foulum is Gitte Hald Kristiansen. Membership fee is 25 DKK/month and it is deducted your salary. Read more about the staff association in Foulum here

Staff association info:

  • Description of staff association
  • Labor Market Holiday Fund at AU 


If you are sick, you must report it to Margit Rosenlund Hansen or Lilian Hosbond by mail and cc the other secretaries in Aarslev or Foulum respectively. Remember to register sickness in your Outlook calendar or ask the secretaries to do so. When you return to work please report to Margit or Lilian in order to close the registration in AUHRA. 

  • Declaration of absence
  • Sick leave – new procedure

Alarm numbers in Aarslev and Foulum in case of fire, theft, problems with the gate or the like.


  • Kaj Ole Dideriksen - 40571766.
  • Finn Kristiansen - 40824227.
  • Ruth Nielsen - 25396806.
  • Jens Barfod - 22730256.
  • Jakob Madsen - 41134948.


  • Søren Ravn - 40808225.
  • Ebbe Birch - 20803424.
  • Morten Andersen - 22291720.
  • Bo Bjerregaard - 20841622.
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