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Standard IT tasks are solved by Erik K. Schmidt in Aarslev (58385 / 25142030, and by Erik Aaes in Foulum (58083 / 29447297,


  • Purchasing, receipt of merchandise, installation, configuration, scrapping of hardware (PCs and accessories)
  • Installation of standard software and, if approved, special software.
  • Computer diagnosing including safety (virus, spyware and other things)
  • Printer installation
  • Minor repairs
  • Installation and support regarding mobile phones


Up-date of FOOD’s website
Tina Magaard (58291,

Please contact Tina in case of corrections and/or additions


Staff website
FOOD’s staff website is up-dated by Camilla Fjord (58372,
Please contact Camilla in case of corrections and/or additions.

Project website
If you need to establish or up-date a project website please contact Camilla Fjord, Tina Magaard (Aarslev) or Tove Nielsen (Foulum)


Contact persons regarding web and communication:
Did you get funding for a research project or achieved interesting results from a project, which can be published it is possible to contact AU COM and DCA in order to have them write an article about it. You may contact Janne Hansen (AU KOM) or Anna Busch Nielsen (DCA) regarding this and they will publish it through the department’s or DCA’s website or the DCA newsletter. Tove Nielsen may also arrange the contact to AU KOM or DCA. Furthermore Tove will publish new funding in our newsletter FOOD Print.


Contact persons at AU KOM and  DCA:
Janne Hansen, AU KOM, ST (51247, and Nina Hermansen, DCA, ST (51265/21178480,

Read more about Videolink here (link)


Where to find photos:

Fotoweb - FOOD 
Fotoweb - Foulum 
Fotoweb - AU 
Billeder fra Colorbox 
Billedfrise til postere


Guide/presentation of Fotoweb
To download photos from AU and Colorbox you must contact one of the following secretaries:

Camilla Fjord (Aarslev)
Tina Magaard (Aarslev)
Tove Nielsen (Foulum)

In case you need a new photo of tests or a portrait photo you are welcome to contact the photo group in Aarslev: Tina Magaard, Kim Nielsen, Helle K. Sørensen, Erling Hyldig and Erik Schmidt.

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