It is acceptable to make your own bookings with our travel agent, however there are many issues to be taken into consideration and therefore we recommend that you book your travels through the secretariat so please contact Camilla Fjord (58372 – or Tove Stenholt Nielsen (57806 – who are both very familiar with rules and regulations. They may also be of your assistance regarding booking of hotels and cars.

AU has an agreement with CWT, who is also familiar with the AU travel policies, and therefore they are the only travel agent we are allowed to use.

If you do book your travel yourself, please remember:

  • To respect travel policies and always book  “best ticket at the cheapest price”. Read more about the travel policy here
  • To send our internal form with information regarding business traveling to your group leader and to Tove Nielsen to be published in FOOD Print in order to maintain department openness. This form must be handed in regardless you book yourself or the secretary does.
  • To use bonus points for future business traveling
  • If you do not book with CWT: Send a copy of your ticket to Camilla Fjord or Tove Nielsen.
  • AU makes random checking of travel bookings to assure all rules are followed.

Train tickets can be booked with CWT. They need 3 working days to execute and mail you the ticket. Alternatively you are welcome to buy train tickets directly at DSB charging your credit card. In Aarslev it is possible to borrow a 10 fare ticket coupon. (remember to inform project number) The ticket coupon can be picked up at Camilla Fjord or Tina Magaard.

Travel Insurance
All employees with travel activities are covered by the AU travel insurance with Europæiske Rejseforsikring. Please contact Camilla Fjord or Tove Nielsen to get a travelers insurance card.

Travel insurance in connection with a possible private part of the trip.
If you combine a business travel with a private travel you must be aware that the AU travel insurance only covers during the business part of your travel. In case something might occur during the private part of the travel, AU will not be covering this. Please make sure your private insurance covers any accidents during the private travel even though the private travel did not start in Denmark. Check this with your insurance company.

Reimbursement of travel expenses
All travel expenses must be registered in AURUS within 2 weeks from end of travel. If you need assistance in this connection please contact Camilla Fjord or Tove Nielsen. You may also contact the AURUSHOTLINE.

In case you forget username or pass word for AURUS, please contact Camilla Fjord or Tove Nielsen.

Company cars
It is possible to use company cars both in Aarslev and in Foulum. In Aarslev you book the cars through Outlook or by contacting Camilla Fjord or Tina Magaard. In Foulum the cars are booked via Pronestor.

Remember to inform project number in the Outlook calendar when you book, and remember to register in the logbook. Driving company cars requires a valid EU driver’s license.

Electronic ticket for bridges (Brobizz)
The Brobizz can be picked up at Camilla Fjord in Aarslev and at Tove Nielsen in Foulum. Remember your project number.

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