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FOOD presentation - DK (Empty) - To PowerPoint 97-2003
FOOD presentation - UK (Empty) - To PowerPoint 97-2003
FOOD presentation - DK (Empty) - To PowerPoint 2007-2010
FOOD presentation - UK (Empty) - To PowerPoint 2007-2010
FOOD presentation with North Sea logo (Empty)
FOOD Presentation - DK / FOOD Presentation - UK
AU Presentation - DK
AU Presentation - UK

Poster templates - contact:
Tina Magaard (
Camilla Fjord (
Tove Nielsen (

AU templates for letters, faxes, agendas mm.
Installation of AU templates







Form to register new staff in FOOD - The contact person is in charge of filling in the form. Please note that you have to send the form twice: after sending it the first time you are allowed to double check your entries. After checking, you choose “send værdier nu”. When this is done various activities will be initiated to get ready to welcome the new staff member.

Statement of Truth Attach in Aurus, if you cant find the receipt/invoice


Summary of publications and types of activity PURE

PURE - What data do you have to deliver to us?

Open Access - journal overview








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