Thu 08 Apr
08:00-16:00 | Agro Food Park 48, Aarhus
PhD course: Introduction to Metabolomics
April 8-29, 2021
Mon 12 Apr
08:00-16:00 | Agro Food Park 48, Aarhus
PhD course: Introduction to Multivariate Data Analysis - Chemometrics
April 12-28, 2021
Wed 05 May
09:30-11:30 | Online event
Arla Food For Health - Call for Research Applications 2021
Learn about funding opportunities from AFH within foods and health sciences in 2021


2021.03.08 | Food

Brightspace - The new learning platform

Get more information about Brightspace here for teachers who will get access to the platform at the beginning of April

2020.09.30 | Food

Agreement of statistical support from the aStatLab to FOOD

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Photo: AU Foto

2021.04.14 | Agro

New model predicts harvest date as well as the efficiency of cover crops

As a policy support response to the Danish Agency for Agriculture, researchers from Aarhus University have created a model that, based on air temperature, can estimate harvest dates for spring barley and winter wheat. And in an article in "Field Crops Research", the same researchers have used the model to show how the harvest date for crops can be…

Applied Crop Protection 2020

2021.04.14 | Agro

New results from the experiments with applied crop protection

The annual report on Applied Crop Protection has just been published with the latest results from pesticide testing and other forms of crop protection.

Photo: Janne Hansen

2021.04.14 | Research

EU Water Framework Directive and Danish agriculture in 1900

The work with the establishment of reference conditions in Danish coastal waters has so far been based on the distribution of eelgrass around 1900, and current measurements of nitrogen concentration in watercourses with virtually no agricultural activity, as well as estimated historical national nitrogen balances. In a new publication in the…

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