Catering and meeting rooms

Booking of catering to AFP 48

Fill out this catering form if you want to have catering delivered to your meeting in Agro Food Park 48. Send the completed catering form to the person in the secretariat who primarily is responsible for your science team:

The catering will be delivered from the canteen at Agro Food Park 15, and they place the catering in the canteen kitchen at Agro Food Park 48 (table or refrigerator). They mark the catering so that it is clear which catering that belongs to you.

Everybody in the secretariat can assist you with booking of catering, but the primary division is: 

  • PFS: Signe Nørretranders - PFC: Rikke Karlsen - DBF: Sara L. Hansson - FC + FT: Bente L. Kant
    FQS: Sarah L. Nielsen - Department unit: Aase K. Sørensen / Rikke Karlsen

Be early!

To ensure catering for your meeting, please send the catering form early to the secretariat and no later than at 10.00 a.m. two days prior to your meeting


As a rule, you are responsible for serving the catering for meetings yourself and to clean up afterwards; throw away food and place the clean trays, bowls etc. and empty bottles on the table in the kitchen  

Seminar room (5910-214) - Booking procedure

For the spring semester 2022 and onwards, the central administration of education has first claim to the seminar room for teaching activities. The guidelines are as follows:

You can book the seminar room for:

  • The fall semester: After September 1, the meeting room is available for bookings until January 15 the following year
  • The spring semester: After February 1, the meeting room is available for bookings until August 15 the same year

If you plan meetings, defenses etc. which will take place at the beginning of a semester, and you need to make your bookings before Feb. 1/Sept. 1 respectively, you may not want to book the seminar room as your meeting might be cancelled by the central administration if it conflicts with teaching activities. Therefore, you could consider booking meeting rooms at AFP 13 or 15. Please see the rates and procedure below.  

Booking of meeting rooms at AFP 13-15, 'Pavillonen', 'Treeren'

The rental price presupposes that the room is used with its standard table and chair set-up and that the participants clean up after themselves / set back the tables and chairs in the right set-up before they leave the room.

The price includes a cup of coffee/tea for each guest from the self-service hot drinks machines. If a specific table and chair set-up or extra catering is needed, this must be ordered in advance. Please contact the FOOD secretariat or no later than at 10.00 a.m. two days prior to your meeting. If you make a booking yourself, please inform the FOOD secretariat which project it should be charged to. 
Assistance and cleaning is 500 DKK pr. hour (you will be charged per half an hour or part thereof).   

Hourly basis
for property owners at AFP
Externals and
property owners
Room size:Hourly rate (minimum 1 hour):Whole day:Half a day:
Max. 6 persons300 kr.1.200 kr.800 kr.
7-18 persons400 kr.2.000 kr.1.500 kr.
19--> persons500 kr.3.000 kr.2.000 kr.

All prices are excl. VAT.
FOOD is 'property owner'.