Information to new staff

Welcome to FOOD

We have gathered various relevant information for you as a new employee or guest, but if you need other information, you can either read the welcome material (see below), take a look at the other menus at this staff portal, or you can search for it in the box 'Staff service at AU' to the right. You are also welcome to contact the staff in the FOOD Secretariat

Who can I ask for help?

Find contact persons at FOOD here:

International academic staff - Getting started in Denmark

Find more information here if you are newly arrived international academic staff to Denmark and Aarhus University:

Course: 'Research Integrity at AU' (mandatory for some staff categories)

It is mandatory for these staff categories to take the e-learning course 'Research Integrity at AU' in BlackBoard:

  • Research assistants, AC-TAP, Postdocs, Adjunct, Tenure Track, senior VIP

You will automatically receive an e-mail from the system, when you can start the course:

Responsible conduct of research and freedom of research

Research at risk? - Tips on foreign interference and espionage

Read flyer by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) in cooperation with Ministry of Higher Education and Science:

Sensitive personal data - research and administration

Personal data is defined as any kind of data which can be used to identify a person. If you handle personal data in the course of your work, it is important that you comply with the law governing this area. Get information about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what you need to do to make sure you protect personal data:

Workzone & Pure

ProMark - Time recording

Link to the Time Management System at AU:

Please contact the FOOD secretariat (Sarah L. Nielsen or Sara L. Hansson) if you have any questions about ProMark.

Holiday / Days off

At FOOD, a holiday planning for staff is made, and you will be contacted when time is approaching.  
Read more about AU's holiday rules.  

Remember to add holiday and time off in your Outlook calendar, so others can see when you are out of office. 

What can I use my AU credit card for?

The AU credit card can be used for purchases that are work-related.

FOOD Staff Club

Read more about and sign up for FOOD Staff Club on its website:

Friday bread and fruit

Friday bread
Please contact the secretariat if you want to be a part of the Friday bread arrangement. 

There are 3 pieces of fruit per employed staff per week. 
The fruit is placed in the fruit baskets. 

Agro Food Park - Activities, offers, services etc.

See more information about what Agro Food Park has to offer (look under 'for tenants'):

Working environment and safety (LAMU) etc.

Find more information here about injuries, screen glasses, first aid, workwear, ergonomics (office space) among other things:

Parental leave

Rules regarding parental leave and application forms can be found here: 

Public employees' freedom of speech