IT, Web & Photo

Do you need IT support?

The AU IT support is ready to help staff at FOOD: 

Furthermore, FOOD has three local IT supporters who are in Agro Food Park 48 on the following days (may vary due to covid-19):

  • Tuesday:Kim Eskesen, office: 5909-119
  • Wednesday: Erik Aaes,, office: 5909-119
  • Thursday (every second week): Frankie Z. Henriksen, office: 5909-119

Ordering of IT equipment and phones

Ordering of IT equipment for FOOD staff goes through AU's purchasing agreement via our local IT supporter. Contact:

  • Erik Aaes

Taxation of work phones (solemn declaration)

Read more about the rules here and find the solemn declaration on the site:

Backup of lab machines

Photos and logos

Photos - Colourbox and Cumulus

Logo - AU and FOOD:

If you have any questions regarding logos, please contact the secretariat (Bente L. Kant or Signe Nørretranders)

Wireless network and VPN

IT security and GDPR

Filesender - Send large files

If you need to send large files, you can find the guide here:

How to send secure emails

You can send a secure email with a plugin in Outlook. Read more here:

E-mail signature and auto-reply (Outlook)

Miscellaneous IT guides

At IT's website, you can find more guides:

Mini online courses in Office 365 (learning portal)

Find all the online courses on the learning portal:

FOOD website, Project websites, Staff Portal

FOOD website
The department's website is regularly updated. For any corrections, additions, etc., you are welcome to contact:

  • Bente L. Kant

Project websites
Do you need a new project website, or do you need to have an existing website updated? Contact: 

  • Bente L. Kant
  • Signe Nørretranders
  • Rikke Karlsen

FOOD staff portal
The FOOD staff portal is regularly updated. For any corrections, additions, etc., you are welcome to contact:

  • Rikke Karlsen

Contact person, web and communication (NAT-TECH + DCA)

Have you been granted funding for your research project, or have you achieved interesting research results that can be published, you can have DCA or NAT-TECH Communication to write an article about it. The article can be published on FOOD's and DCA's websites and in DCA's newsletter. 

Bente L. Kant will also gladly publish information about grants in the department's newsletter, FOOD Print.