The Department of Food Science considers the PhD Programme Food Science as an important part of its research, and is supporting the creation of an inspiring PhD study environment. This is carried out by offering up to date research facilities, establishment of strong supervising teams and by holding an annual PhD seminar for PhD students.

The department is organized in 5 research groups:

The PhD student is affiliated the research team where the project naturally belongs. Anyhow, more of our PhD projects involve researchers from different groups and requires collaboration and knowledge exchange across research groups and professions in the department.

Research in the department often takes place in close partnership with leading food, crop and biotechnology companies and international recognized universities and research centers. These partnerships give the PhD student good opportunities to work with both the industry and international research environments. In this way a professional network is established in connection with the PhD study.

Finishing the PhD

Printing of thesis 2020

“Best practises” toolbox

We find that APV responses are handled locally with a number of different initiatives. We have collected a number of ideas, changes, structures, initiatives, tools etc. in a website. It is our scope that this should be a platform for inspiration and ideas as to how specific problems can be handled. Moreover, we continue to develop this page when other ideas come to our knowledge. Therefore, if you have contributions, they are more than welcome.

You can find the toolbox here:

Joint Action workshops

AUPA has initiated a series of recurring workshops as our own way to handle challenges that many PhD students experience. I have been in contact with some of you about these workshops already. It is our perception that PhD students struggle with balancing work/life, stress, establishing good collaborations, and project structuring. Also, we believe that most PhD students do not discuss how to handle these challenges among each other, but try to manage “PhD life” themselves. We offer PhD students and postdocs a platform to discuss these challenges and share ideas and ways to handle this – and in this way “boost their PhD”. We hope that you will help us to spread the word about these workshops – also among supervisors. Attached is a more in-depth letter about these workshops destined for supervisors.

The Joint Action workshops are advertised here: