Travels and Settlements

Find more information below about travels and settlements. If you have any questions or need help, you are welcome to contact the FOOD secretariat:

  • Rikke Karlsen (science teams: PFC, FQS and department unit) 
  • Signe Nørretranders (science teams: PFS, FC, FT and DBF) 

All in the secretariat can help you if you have questions regarding the AU cars

Booking of flight, hotel, train, AU cars, and taxi

Contact Rikke Karlsen or Signe Nørretranders for booking of flight, hotel, etc. - they will gladly help, and they know the rules and guidelines for travel bookings at AU.


At the moment, Aarhus University has an agreement with the travel agency CWT, where you can book flight tickets via CWT's online booking system (use ’traveler login’ to log into the system); staff at AU are therefore not allowed to use other travel agencies than CWT (exception: flight tickets may be booked directly at the individual airline, but not via travel search engines such as Momondo). 
There are still a number of rules that must be followed when booking tickets; therefore, Rikke Karlsen and Signe Nørretranders will gladly book the tickets for FOOD staff.  

At the beginning of your employment, a profile at CWT will be set up for you – follow the guidelines that you receive on email.  

If you book your own flight tickets, you must remember: 

  • To follow the travel guideline: ’the best travel at the lowest price’. Read AU's travel policy and get information about Travel booking at AU 
  • To send FOOD's internal form with information about business travels to your science leader and to FOOD Print (Bente L. Kant) in order to maintain open communication in FOOD. The form should always be handed in no matter if the travel has been booked via the secretariat or if you have arranged it yourself 
  • Any frequent flyer miles must be used for future business travels 
  • AU carries out random checks of travel bookings to see if the rules are followed  
  • List of CWT fees (only in Danish) 
  • Read more about CWT and flights


If you need accommodation at a hotel, Rikke Karlsen or Signe Nørretranders can book it for you. 

If you book a hotel yourself, you must be aware of the following rules: 

  • The state (including AU) has agreements with hotels in Denmark that should be used unless none of the hotels meet the requirements for the specific accommodation. Read about the Hotel Agreement (Denmark)
  • When booking a hotel in Denmark, it is important that 'Aarhus University' is stated on the invoice - this will result in full exemption of tax on accommodation  
  • For accommodation abroad, CWT online booking (see more under ’Flight’) can be used. Furthermore, it is allowed to choose hotels at other companies as long as you choose 'the best travel at the lowest price', and that you do not book a hotel where the price per night exceeds the maximum rate (this applies for hotels in Denmark and abroad) – see the maximum hotel rates (only in Danish - from page 15)
  • Any bonus points must be used for future business travels 


Journeys by train can be booked at CWT, and you are welcome to contact Rikke Karlsen or Signe Nørretranders who can book the tickets for you. CWT needs minimum three workdays to ship the tickets. Alternatively, you are welcome to buy your own tickets at DSB with your AU credit card: 

Rental car

In Denmark: 
Aarhus University has made an agreement with Europcar on rental cars in Denmark. Rental cars can be booked by following the link below or by contacting Rikke Karlsen or Signe Nørretranders:

If you need a rental car abroad, AU's travel agency CWT can help. Contact Rikke Karlsen and Signe Nørretranders.

Taxi service in Denmark

As a rule, you should always choose public transportation because it is cheaper. However, if this is not an option, AU has an agreement with Dantaxi: 

Travel insurance

Read the insurance rules thoroughly before your departure.
You can find all the information here: Travel insurance at AU

Travel insurance card (online from March 2021)
All staff that have travel activities are covered by Aarhus University's travel insurance at 'Europæiske Rejseforsikring'. The insurance covers you when going on a business travel for AU / FOOD (any family members that may be with you on the journey are not covered). 

Before March 2021, a physical insurance card was given to staff, but from now on, this website will replace these cards at Aarhus University (if needed, you can print your own insurance card here. You are not obliged to bring it with you on the trip, but it may be useful in case of emergency):

Travel insurance and private travelling 
If you combine business travel and private travelling, you should be aware of travel insurance. AU’s travel insurance of course covers you during the business travel, but if an accident occurs during your private travel, AU's travel insurance does not cover you. Be aware that your private travel insurance may not cover either!: You may risk that your private travel insurance only covers if the private part of the trip started in Denmark. Therefore, you should contact your private insurance company to ensure that you are covered.  

AU credit card and blocking of credit card

All staff paid by FOOD will receive an AU credit card at the beginning of the employment, and it can be used for purchases that are work-related. If you have not received your credit card yet, please contact the secretariat: Sarah L. Nielsen og Sara L. Hansson.

Settlements in RejsUd (travel and expenses) for staff paid by FOOD

All settlements for travel and expenses are carried out in the system RejsUd, and they should be settled no later than 14 days after the purchase or the return from a business travel. 

If you need further help with how to use RejsUd, you are welcome to contact Rikke Karlsen or Signe Nørretranders in the secretariat. 

Useful links and guides about settlements:

Settlements (travel and expenses) for other staff

Staff, who are not paid by FOOD, do not have access to the settlement system RejsUd. Therefore, one of the forms below must be filled out instead and sent to the FOOD secretariat (Rikke Karlsen or Signe Nørretranders). Remember: When sending the form, please attach receipts/documentation for the purchase, sign the form, and inform us about the project and activity number that should pay for the expenses - your supervisor can give you information about the project and activity number: 

  • Travel reimbursement form (is used if you have expenses that are related to a business travel. Click > Choose menu: ”Forms for travel and expense claim" > Choose either the form "2020 - Travel reimbursement form for AU employees" or "2020 - Travel reimbursement form - Non AU employees") 
  • Expense settlement form (is used if you have expenses that are not related to a business travel. Click > Choose menu: Forms for travel and expense claim” > the file appears in the bottom corner > click on the arrow > choose ”Åbn med standardvisningsprogram”) 

Expenses and reimbursement from others than AU

If you have had expenses that can be fully or partly reimbursed from others than Aarhus University, it should be dealt with according to these guidelines: 

You are also welcome to contact your project finance administrator about this matter.

AU cars and driving abroad (insurance)

It is possible to borrow an AU car both in Agro Food Park 48 and in Årslev. The cars are booked via the Outlook calendar or by contacting the secretariat (all in the secretariat can help):

  • The car keys in AFP can be found in a locker outside Gustav Bisgaard's office, room 5809-125 – see the guide for using the locker 
  • To borrow an AU car, you must have a valid driver's license. At the beginning of your employment, you will be asked to hand in a copy of your driver's license for journalizing in the secretariat (Sarah L. Nielsen or Sara L. Hansson)
  • REMEMBER to fill out the vehicle mileage log book when you have finished your trip. The log book is in the car's glove box (in AFP 48) / in the cupboard outside the meeting room (Årslev)  
  • When you refuel an AU car, you should as far as possible always use the car’s fuel cards, which you can find in the vehicle mileage log book in the car’s glove box. If you have used your AU credit card or you have made a private disbursement to refuel an AU car, please contact the secretariat (Signe Nørretranders or Rikke Karlsen). They can provide you with the project and activity number that you should use when settling the fuel cost in RejsUd. The fuel cost must not be settled directly on your project.  

Driving abroad in AU cars (insurance)
If you intend to drive an AU car abroad, Nat-Tech Byg must be informed about this for insurance reasons. They will take out an insurance policy for you for the specific trip: 

  • Contact: Ebbe Birch, 
  • Inform about: the registration number of the car, destination, period of insurance, and the project and activity number that should pay for the insurance 

The secretariat can also contact Nat-Tech Byg for you if you give us the above information. 

Brobizz (for crossing Danish bridges)

AFP 48: Brobizz can be borrowed in the secretariat (room 5909-111) in AFP 48 (for the bridges: Storebæltsbroen and Øresundsbroen)

Årslev: Brobizz can be found outside the meeting room in Årslev (for the bridges: Storebæltsbroen and Øresundsbroen)

When you pick up the Brobizz, you will need to give the following information:  

  • Name of the user 
  • Date of usage 
  • Reason for using the Brobizz
  • Project and activity number

Passport & Visa

Find more information here: