Data entry for new employees

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Personal data
Information about employment/stay and affiliation
Has the department accepted the employment/stay?*
AU e-mail and access to drives
An AU e-mail will be assigned to all and they will be linked to relevant distribution lists to ensure that they get the relevant information from the science teams / department.
If you have any comments, you can write them below:
Need access to the department's shared drive (O-drive)?
Need to keep former AU affiliation, e.g. to another department/section at AU?
Need to keep former AU student affiliation, i.e. a student e-mail?
IT equipment for employees
NB! It may take minimum three weeks to receive IT equipment (and even longer due to covid-19 and in holiday periods) - therefore, please always fill out this form early when hiring new staff!

IMPORTANT! When ordering IT equipment for staff, it is important to fill out project and activity no. in the box 'primary financing of stay' further above in this form.

External screen
Additional equipment
Mobile phone*
Person responsible for filling out this form
Is the employment confidential for now?*