Workzone & Pure

Workzone - Journalizing of documents

All kinds of important mail, including e-mails, must be journalized and forwarded to 

Documents of various kinds, which are received or sent out of the house and are important for a case or the case processing in general, or internal documents in final form, must be journalized. The journalizing is carried out on an ongoing basis, either in connection with receipt/dispatch/completion, or as soon as possible thereafter. This is determined by law, and it is also practical for the caseworker that important documents can always be quickly found again. At AU, Workzone is used for journalizing.

At FOOD, it has been decided that all new cases for research projects should be created by the secretariat (Sarah L. Nielsen, Bente L. Kant and Sandra L. Damgaard), after which the individual is encouraged to continue to journalize the further proceedings, or you can choose to continue sending documents for journalizing to the secretariat via the mailbox 

Read more about the filing principles at Nat-Tech.

Pure - Registration of publications and activities

Information about registration of e.g. journal articles, presentations, press coverage, projects etc. can be send to the Pure mailbox at FOOD, Incoming e-mails will be handled on a regular basis by the secretariat (Bente L. Kant and Rikke Karlsen). You are also welcome to register in Pure yourself (see 'Quick Guide' on the right).

Pure profiles

  • Please contact Bente L. Kant (secretariat)